Tea bags CAN be good

Like many great inventions, the tea bag's creation happened by chance. The coffee and tea merchant Thomas Sullivan is said to have sent out samples of tea in small silk bags in about 1908 and several of the recipients assumed that the bags were to be used and just as easily put the whole bag in water instead of pouring the contents into a tea strainer . To Thomas' great astonishment, there were many orders for "tea in a bag"! What many people commented on was that the masks were too small, so Thomas therefore developed bags made of gauze and the first edition of the tea bag was born!

Now, a few years later, we offer "tea in a bag" in a pyramid shape. It gives more space for the leaves to expand. In addition, we have stuffed the bags full of tea so that you will still get to experience the full taste of our teas. We have also chosen to make even larger masks in our bags, so that even more flavor is extracted from the tea.

We are not alone in offering tea in the bag, but see what Tv2 Hjelper deg found out about Twinings and Lipton's teas in their feature ' Green tea has added sugar '. Of course, our teas have no added sugar, only pure and organic ingredients.