About Norway's Tea House

Norges tehus is a Norwegian family business run around the basic idea of ​​establishing a modern tea culture and expanding the Norwegian people's awareness of tea and its rich and inspiring sensory experiences.

"We want to be a supportive, creative and innovative company and
our goal is to buy, blend and deliver the world's finest organic teas and herbs."

In Greenland in Oslo, we have established our small tea factory. Here we import tea and herbs from all over the world. We package and develop our own products, but also offer our services to companies that want to invest in tea under their own brand (so-called private label).

(Facsimile: Dagligvarehandelen Aug '18)

We have been concerned with delivering quality since the first cup, but it is not enough that we only think the tea is good. That is why we have participated several times in the international competition for food and drink, the Great Taste Awards, in England. It is known as the "Oscars" in the food world and those who win there have some of the world's best products. We participate there so that we will receive feedback from outsiders who are professionals, in addition to the good feedback we get from our customers. Every time we have participated with our teas, we have been awarded and that means that there are more people than us who think that our teas are exceptionally good. We are proud of that and hope it will help you feel confident that you are choosing quality when you choose Norges Tehus.

For us, organic is not a trendy word, but the very foundation of our business. Organic agriculture is based on farming systems that mimic natural ecosystems. The methods are traditional and proven. They use natural means of pest control, such as large fans, frogs, bats, and plants with natural insect repellent properties. Therefore, organic products are free from harmful artificial fertilizers and toxic pesticides. We think that's good for the planet, but also for the tea, the farm owner and you. By buying organic teas, you support healthy and long-term tea production.

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The tea house in Lille Grensen

In 2011, we established the Tehuset in Lille Grensen, in the center of Oslo. We opened the doors in Lille Grensen at the same time as the Norwegian skiers went for gold in Holmenkollen.

An innovative and modern catering concept that offers guests a place at home in a busy everyday life. In the premises we try to provide a unique atmosphere and we only serve high quality products. We have a large selection of teas and a number of signature tea-based drinks. We always brew the tea ready for the customers using our T-brewer . We adjust the quantity, temperature and brewing time so that customers get a fantastic tea experience every time.

Three times in a row we were named the city's best tea house / tea / iced tea by Aftenposten, before we had to close our doors for New Year 2015.

Now you can get hold of our good tea through our suppliers and here in our online shop .