Tea at work, canteen or tea kitchen

Despite the fact that most workplaces have a "tea kitchen", tea has been squeezed out in favor of coffee makers and espresso machines. While coffee drinkers can mix themselves into 10 different coffee drinks from freshly ground coffee, tea drinkers often have to make do with old tea bags from the shop.

Fortunately, change is underway and today a small selection of old tea bags is no longer enough to satisfy employees or impress visitors.

We offer a wide selection of tea varieties, and brewing systems that make it easy to brew good tea in the office. Depending on the size of the company, we can offer different solutions from loose weight tea with teapots and quick solutions with our revolutionary pyramid bags .

We deliver throughout Norway.

Decorative boxes with refills

A simple and popular serving solution in offices are our decorative boxes that are refilled with loose tea bags in zip bags .

The boxes hold around 20 of our revolutionary pyramid bags .

The refill bags contain 100 pyramid bags and are closable, airtight and lightproof so that the remaining pyramid bags are stored as best as possible.

All our teas in pyramid bags are available for corporate appointment.

Getting started is easy! Just send an email to info@norges-tehus.no .

Boxes that are refilled with zip bags

Individually wrapped pyramid bags in bamboo display

Where it is desired to put the tea on display, we offer individually wrapped pyramid bags.

It may be for hygienic or practical reasons that it is desirable to have each pyranide bag wrapped. Among other things in hotels, meeting rooms, hairdressing salons and the like.

The bamboo display holds around 60 bags and is refilled from a carton containing 100 pyramid bags.

All our packaging is covered under Grønt punkt's return scheme.

Each pyramid bag is packed in an airtight and light-proof foil so that the tea stays fresh and tasty.

All our teas in pyramid bags are available in individual packaging.

Individually wrapped pyramid bags

Loose tea and storage

Loose weight tea provides the opportunity for your own brewing rituals. Taking a break from work by making a good cup of tea from scratch. Brew water to the right temperature, measure out the desired amount of tea, pour over the water and watch the tea circulate around, and finally decant the finished tea into the cup. Vipps, you are ready for new challenges!

We have a large selection of loose tea for businesses. The tea is stored in large airtight boxes.

Loose-weight tea is delivered in large bags and are closable, airtight and light-proof so that the remaining tea is stored as best as possible.

For brewing, you can use our Tea Brewer , disposable filter or tea strainer.

All our teas are available in bulk.

Loose tea

We also offer a refill service so that there is no extra work for you. It includes:

  • That we keep control of the inventory so that it never runs out
  • We come to visit at regular intervals (eg once a week) and do a round at your place and fill up boxes and maintain equipment.
  • The frequency can be adjusted as needed.
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