Mint and basil

Mint and basil

Mint and basil

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With this blend, we have taken mint tea to a new level. We have mixed in both basil and cloves as well as some licorice root. It might sound strange, but we promise you it isn't! This is an unbeatable combination and you will hardly want to go back to regular mint tea after trying this.

This blend is completely caffeine-free.

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We received 3 gold stars for this tea at the world's largest food and drink competition in England . This means that out of 12,600 products this was one of the 192 best. So there are more people than us who think it is world class.

Økologisk peppermynteblader, økologisk kardemomme, økologisk lakrisrot, naturlig smaksolje av basilikum og nellikblad

An organic product is produced in a way that takes the environment into account by not using chemical and synthetic pesticides. It's good for the planet, but also for the tea, the farmer and you. By buying organic teas, you support healthy and long-term tea production.


We are proud to be the largest Norwegian brand importer of organic tea. To be approved by Debio and use the definition Organic, not only must the ingredients be certified organic, but our own plant must also be certified by Debio and controlled by Mattsilynet.

In addition to import controls from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, we go beyond the requirements by also taking random samples for pesticides/pesticides and other pollutants.

It is important that tea is stored protected from air and light. That's why we sell all our teas packed in tight aluminum bags with a zip lock.