Reviews and Norges Tehus in the press

The column "The goods talk" in Dagligvarehandelen

The grocery store about our new tea factory

3 teas you should be drinking now

KK asks us which teas are in the "shot" at the moment.

Twinings and Liptons green tea has added sugar

TV2 Hjelper deg came to visit the Tehuset in connection with a feature.

Can you drink tea that has expired

KK asks us what we think about tea that is old and whether it is drinkable

Here is the city's best iced tea

Aftenposten once again names our iced tea the best in the city.

The best iced tea in town

Aftenposten rolls a 6 for our iced tea. We are the best in town.

Tea for doubters

Aftenposten will visit us for a tea chat.

Signature drink

Dagens Næringsliv's column "Signature drink" deals with our Chai latte this time.

Tea is good for the heart

VG asks us what we think about "all teas are equally good"

The city's best tea soap

Aftenposten comes by to test our tea. They roll a 6.

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