Which tea is the healthiest?

Many people who start drinking tea want to know which tea is the healthiest. Actually, we can say that all tea is equally healthy as all tea comes from the same leaf. But there are some differences.

When thinking about health in relation to drinking tea, it is important to remember that all types of tea come from the same bush and the same type of leaf. (Read more about tea production here: The difference between all types of tea ) If we ignore the quality of the crop, soil, loose weight/tea bag etc., we can therefore say, in rough terms, that all tea is equally healthy. But they are healthy in different ways.

The most important difference is the oxidation that occurs when green tea turns into black tea. After the cell walls have been broken and oxidation has taken place, the molecular bonds have changed. This means that black tea has a different type of antioxidant, with a different type of effect, than green tea. Green tea has catechins, but in the leaves of black tea, the catechins have been converted into what we call heaflavins. Both are antioxidants.

What is so good about catechins is that, like all antioxidants, they protect the cells in the body, but can also show good results in counteracting the clogging of blood vessels and reducing high blood pressure. In addition, it should help to stabilize blood sugar and reduce cholesterol. As if that wasn't enough, it has antibacterial properties that help with bad breath and healthy oral health.

This sounds very good, so why not start the day with a cup of green tea?

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