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Thank you for considering Norges Tehus as your tea supplier!

Since 2010, we have been in search of the world's best teas and botanicals. Every year we travel the world and work with skilled tea masters to find the best tea. We explore tea fields, indulge in vivid aromas and taste the unknown. Everything to serve what we call real tea. In Grønland in Oslo, we have established our own tea factory where we pack and mix what we buy in from all corners of the world.

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We are passionate about quality at all stages. From the soil the tea grows in, to the temperature you use when making the tea. Everything affects the end result. We have brewed hundreds of thousands of cups of tea ourselves. In our teahouse in Lille Grensen in Oslo, we received Aftenposten's dice roll 6 for the city's best tea and iced tea 3 years in a row. So we know what it takes to serve a proper cup of tea to guests under time pressure - and we want to help you do it too! We represent Norway internationally with our teas and have brought home many gold stars. You can be sure that the teas you serve are world class if you choose us.

We are proud to be the largest Norwegian organic brand importer and supplier of the highest quality organic tea - fresh every season and directly from tea gardens around the world.

Thousands of kilometers are traveled each year to work directly with skilled artisans whose families have been involved in making traditional tea and herbs for generations. Our direct relationships allow us to produce rare and exclusive teas that offer an unparalleled degree of freshness.

Our trade, our travels, and our studies are devoted to expanding the understanding of tea and setting the standard for quality. We welcome you to try our tea and consider us as your business partner.