Tea for commercial kitchens and businesses

The Norwegian café trend is about to turn around. Increasingly, Norwegians are opting out of coffee and espresso drinks in favor of healthy alternatives, such as tea.

With consumers' increasing awareness and increasing demand for healthy foods and sustainable agricultural practices, organic is becoming the new standard.

Our goal is to source and blend the world's finest organic teas and herbs. We are an experienced partner and bring organic tea and herbs from all over the world to wholesalers, distributors, roasters, blenders, health foods and special producers throughout Norway.

With this goal in mind, we have strict quality controls and protocols at all stages of production to ensure the highest possible quality and integrity of our products.

We master the art and science of blending black, green, white, oolong and herbal teas to deliver consistent quality, aroma and taste to the most discerning tea drinkers.

Tea wholesale for cafes, restaurants and hotels

We are proud to be an independent, award-winning, Norwegian supplier of premium tea.

We help you with a contemporary and environmentally adapted tea menu, training in the art of brewing tea, storage and display in the right way, as well as give you the enthusiasm we ourselves have for tea being "the new drink".

We offer a large selection of teas for wholesale for restaurants, spas and cafes with associated training in, preparation and tea knowledge.

Become a retailer of organic tea

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Delivery of tea to companies and canteens

Despite the fact that most workplaces have a "tea kitchen", tea at work has been squeezed out in favor of coffee makers and espresso machines.

Today, a small selection of tea bags is no longer enough to satisfy employees and visitors.

We can offer a wide selection of tea varieties, and brewing systems that make it easy to brew good tea in the office!

Get in touch and we will help you adapt a solution. Send email to hei@t-selskapet.no

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