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As the first in Norway, our tea received 3 stars!


Mint 2.0

With this blend we have taken mint tea to a new level. We have mixed in both basil and cloves as well as some licorice root. It might sound strange, but we promise you it isn't! This is an unbeatable combination and you will hardly want to go back to regular mint tea after trying this.

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And not only that, we got more stars!

Jasmin Rose
The classic flavorings jasmine and rose are mixed with peppermint to give a fresh and pleasing brew.

Vanilla mint chai 
This tastes as exotic as it sounds. A rich and balanced brew with a prominent vanilla and restrained mint.

Blueberry rooibos
A naturally sweet, fruity and suitably bitter balance makes the brew taste like a walk in the woods. We also like it as an iced tea.

Ginseng detox
This mix of ginseng and raspberry makes for a sweet, rooty and fruity brew. Cleansing and energizing.

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