Tea brewer - Easily brew good tea

Norges tehus

Tea brewer - Easily brew good tea

Norges tehus
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Our incredible tea brewer makes it easy to brew loose tea.

What makes it so good?

  • The tea is filtered when the tea brewer is placed over the cup or jug.
  • Brews perfectly clear tea without leaves or residue.
  • Stainless steel filter emits no taste.
  • Durable and high-quality design makes it perfect for home, office or travel.
  • Easy to clean with removable filter.
  • Made of Tritan and retains ideal temperature during brewing.
  • Perfect for making iced tea too! ( see user manual)
  • Volume 0.45 litres.
The tea maker has a hinged lid that is easily opened and closed to retain heat
Loose weight tea is poured straight into the tea brewer. It holds 4.5 deciliters, so calculate tea for two cups.
When the water you have boiled is poured over the tea leaves in the tea brewer. The large volume allows you to create a vortex effect with the water that will start an extraction of all the tea.
Leave the tea to brew in the tea brewer. With the transparent tritan, you can see the water slowly change color after the tea. The fact that the tea leaves are allowed to unfold freely means that much more flavor is extracted and extracted into the water than when using a filter. It gives a stronger taste and aroma.
When the tea has brewed long enough, the magic begins. The tea brewer has a strainer at the bottom, which means that when you put it on a jug or cup, a stopper opens at the bottom, and the tea flows out through the filter and into the cup/jug.
When the tea has cleared, simply remove the tea brewer and the tea is ready to be enjoyed.

Easily cleaned by pulling out the filter at the bottom by grasping the stick sticking up.
Also make iced tea very easily with this tea brewer. Strain hot tea over ice cubes and the iced tea is ready straight away! See the procedure here

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Cecilie M.

Vi har en hjemme og mannen min og jeg har en hver på jobb - elsker dem! Perfekt om du skal lage en eller to kopper (eller kanskje en stor), Anbefales lett.

Anne-Brit K.
Perfekt gave

Kjøpte tebryggeren som gave. Mottaker er superfornøyd og synes den fungerer perfekt.

Bente S.

Likte godt tebryggeren, skulle gjerne hatt en som var litt større, men det er jo bare å brygge 2 ganger. Sitron og Ingefær teen var vekdig god, den andre har jeg ikke smakt enno.