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Our new tea bag - Packed in Oslo
A tea bag is not just a tea bag. Ours is made from plant-based material and we have now found the perfect knitting pattern that gives a perfect brew!

Ordinary tea bags - made of nylon or paper - are tight and prevent flavor and aroma from leaving the tea bag, but our bags are knitted with large meshes. This makes it easier for the water to flow into the tea and out into the cup. The result is a more aromatic and full-bodied brew that tastes just as good as if you were brewing loose tea. Therefore, we can use exactly the same tea in our bags as the one you buy in bulk!

The tea bag is made from plant-based material! This means that you make a more sustainable choice. and the material is compostable. The rest of the packaging has been carefully chosen to take into account the environment but also the quality of the tea.
In Greenland in Oslo, we have created our own tea factory. Here we pack and develop some of the world's best teas and herbal blends.
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