Barista's Matcha

Organic Norges tehus

Barista's Matcha

Organic Norges tehus
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Matcha is as versatile as espresso as an ingredient in a large repertoire of drinks. Hot and cold. This matcha is perfect for culinary use. Quality is suitable for use in drinks such as Matcha latte, Matcha chocolate and Dirty Matcha (with espresso).

Can also be used to make delicious ice cream, chocolate and smoothies. Adds sweetly delicate Matcha flavor - as well as beautiful vibrant green color - to your delicacies.

Rich umami, stuffed with the amino acid L-theanine, antioxidants (catechins) and high caffeine content.

This is without sugar and the drinks you make can be sweetened as desired.

If you are looking for a matcha that you can drink straight (ceremonial matcha), you will find it here Premium Matcha

Why is matcha so good?

To make this unique form of green tea, the tea plants have been left in the shade and developed a lot of chlorophyll, and are then ground into powder. This powder is mixed right into the water to give you all the nutritional benefits in a highly concentrated form. It will be a rich and bitter vegetal brew, but still sweet. Here you will find a high content of L-theanine and a lot of umami taste.

  • Contains a naturally high caffeine level of 60mg/cup (coffee has approx. 80mg)
  • Caffeine improves cognitive response and concentration
  • L-Theanine keeps you calm, relaxed and focused
  • Increases metabolism and helps burn fat faster
  • Has more antioxidants than any other tea

All these properties combined make matcha a good source of natural energy. When too much coffee makes you stressed and hyper, matcha will give you energy over a longer period.

Coffee graphMatcha energy graph

What is L-Theanine?

L-theanine is a unique amino acid that stimulates alpha waves in the brain that are associated with producing a calm and relaxed mind.
L-theanine is found exclusively in tea, but Matcha contains the highest level.

How to brew matcha?

Preparation of matcha is very simple:
  1. Heat water to 80 degrees. Or boil water and mix in some cold water.
  2. Take half a teaspoon (1-2 gr) in the cup and pour over the water.
  3. Preferably use a whisk or small milk frother to mix. Optionally stir with a teaspoon.

We recommend:

Match whisk, electric

What will affect the result in the cup is the water temperature and the amount of matcha you use. If the water is too hot, the tea will become bitter. The cooler the water, the sweeter the tea will taste. Our suggestion is the most common preparation method called usucha. You can also make a stronger version, called koicha, with twice as much matcha and half the water.

Organic green tea

An organic product is produced in a way that takes the environment into account by not using chemical and synthetic pesticides. It's good for the planet, but also for the tea, the farmer and you. By buying organic teas, you support healthy and long-term tea production.


We are proud to be the largest Norwegian brand importer of organic tea. To be approved by Debio and use the definition Organic, not only must the ingredients be certified organic, but our own plant must also be certified by Debio and controlled by Mattsilynet.

In addition to import controls from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, we go beyond the requirements by also taking random samples for pesticides/pesticides and other pollutants.

It is important that tea is stored protected from air and light. That's why we sell all our teas packed in tight aluminum bags with a zip lock.

Customer Reviews

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God matcha latte

Bruker i smoothie og latte. Veldig god.

Helt topp

Ren og god økologisk matcha, passer perfekt til min matcha latte med havremelk. :)

God smak

Lagde matcha latte, og det smakte kjempegodt! Kommer garantert til å kjøpe teen igjen😊