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Pu-erh Gold

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This tea produces a bright red brew with a complex, elegant and earthy taste. With its low caffeine content, it pleases both body and soul.

The production of pu-erh is surrounded by music. What sets puerh apart from other types of tea is that it is compressed and given the opportunity to develop - or have added - a bacterial culture after oxidation, and preferably stored over time. Some types can be stored as fine wine. It is common for pu-erhs to be 3 to 10 years old. Puerh tea has a very complex, strong and earthy taste.

Økologisk pu-erh te

An organic product is produced in a way that takes the environment into account by not using chemical and synthetic pesticides. It's good for the planet, but also for the tea, the farmer and you. By buying organic teas, you support healthy and long-term tea production.


We are proud to be the largest Norwegian brand importer of organic tea. To be approved by Debio and use the definition Organic, not only must the ingredients be certified organic, but our own plant must also be certified by Debio and controlled by Mattsilynet.

In addition to import controls from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, we go beyond the requirements by also taking random samples for pesticides/pesticides and other pollutants.

It is important that tea is stored protected from air and light. That's why we sell all our teas packed in tight aluminum bags with a zip lock.

Customer Reviews

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Loes C.
En te med god smak 👍

Rask levering 👍

Veldig god

Dette var noe spesielt. Det er første gangen jeg drikker denne typen te pu-erh og det var en veldig positiv opplevelse. Den er rund og god i smaken med mye fylde. Har dere ikke prøvd denne typen te så kan jeg virkelig anbefale denne. Leveringen gikk raskt og all te jeg bestilt er i fine godt vakuum pakkede poser.

severine n.
jeg liker den te

det er bare synd det det koster så mye i Norge for så liten te.. jeg har kjøpt og drikker det ganske mye i Belgia og der koster sammen te cirka 50 kroner